Greeting from the Kansai Branch Head of JSAM

Hiroshi Shimizu
Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University


My name is Hiroshi Shimizu and I was appointed the Kansai branch head (26th term) of JSAM. I am honored and feel the weight of my responsibilities. As you know, the Kansai branch has the largest number of members among the five branches (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu) of JSAM, and many companies closely related to this society are active in the Kansai area. It is a very active branch of research and development activities. One of the branch's events is the graduation-thesis presentation held in March each year. The first graduation-thesis presentation was held in 1955, and this is a historic event that will mark the 69th year of this year, and I also presented graduation thesis at this conference during my student days. The contents of the graduation-thesis presentation are very hot research before becoming a research paper, and I think it is an interesting content for engineers of companies and researchers of research institutes.

Looking at the title of the recent graduation-thesis presentation, research content applying artificial intelligence (AI) such as machine learning and deep learning is increasing. AI has won pros in chess, game of go, and shogi since the 2010's, and has received much attention from the public, and after that, applied research has been conducted in various fields, and some have already been put to practical use. In addition, research and development of the fifth-generation mobile communication system (5G) is being carried out with the aim of putting it into practical use in 2020. This dramatically improves the speed of connecting various devices via the Internet. I also think that the technology of 5G and AI will be an important keyword for smart agriculture that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has recommended. It is hoped that these researches will progress by making use of the advantages of the Kansai Branch where companies, research institutes and universities are concentrated.

Finally, I will inform you about the operation system of this term. Dr. Katsuaki Odoi (Kyoto University) as managing secretary, Dr. Jiro Miyasaka (Kyoto University) as an assistant, Dr. Koichi Shoji (Kobe University) as planning chair, Dr. Yuichi Ogawa (Kyoto University) as editing chair, Dr. Yoshinari Morio (Mie University) for the information chair, and Dr. Kazuhiko Namba (Okayama University) for the award chair. I think that there are requests from branch office secretary and committee chairpersons to all branch members, and we’ll appreciate you all for your cooperation. I would like to make steady progress to become a more meaningful branch meeting for branch members, so I sincerely ask for your support.

April 1st, 2019


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